Cell Therapy Procedure

Cell Therapy Procedure

Performed in a relativity painless in-office procedure or in the operating room in conjunction with a surgical procedure. CDA Regenerative Medicine uses the patients’ own fat cells. Fat yields 3-500X more cells/cc than bone marrow.

There are several methods for harvesting, concentrating and administering cells. At CDA Regenerative Medicine, cells are derived from fat in areas on the abdomen or sides of the back.

Fat Harvest

Using sterile technique, local anesthetic is used to numb the area. Sterile saline is injected under the skin and into the fat to loosen the tissue. The fat is withdrawn into a syringe and placed into a patented system using filters and saline to separate the cells from the undesired oil, blood and cellular debris. The fat and saline is agitated with small stainless steel balls to break up the fat (micronize) into smaller pieces for easier injection. This preparation is injected into the desired location.

This video shows how the procedure is performed in the office

(knee procedure)